Construction worker mounting a soffit on roof eaves

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Sooner or later, every roof needs to be replaced, most often due to the long-term effects of weathering. If a residential roof is more than 20 years old, it’s a prime candidate for re-roofing. Missing shingles or tiles, holes, bare spots, curling shingles, cracks, and even dark streaks are all signs which show the integrity of your roof has likely been compromised and is no longer protecting your home to its fullest potential. At V&A Victory Construction and Roofing, we can accurately identify your needs and provide you with a new roof that will provide lasting protection for you and your family.

Affordable Quality Suitable Solutions to Meet Your Demands

At V&A Victory Construction and Roofing, we will provide a quality and affordable replacement for every building you own. Our professional personnel are well-versed in every logistical matter dealing with roofing and construction needs. We are full-service problem solvers, ready to tackle every roofing demand you have.

With us, you’ll never have to worry about walking that thin line with any state policies. Our team will always follow protocol and handle the required paperwork. During the replacement process, we will make sure to acquire any necessary city permits and enforce the appropriate street closures. If there’s at least two replacements to be made, we’ll develop a professional plan immediately.

Experienced National Roofing Experts

As Chicago’s top roofing company, we are ready to handle anything you need when it comes to your roofing system. Whether it’s an installation, simple repair, or full-service solution, we’ll be there for anything you need. So, next time you need roofing services, get in touch with the expert team. We are relentlessly committed to helping you preserve your roof and maintain long-term cost savings.